Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Where Does Our Food Come From? We May Find Out

Just the other day, I lamented that we need to label all food sold in this country with the country of origin so we can make informed choices about what we eat. And today I read that we may be getting those labels, if history doesn't repeat itself:

Country-of-origin labeling rules are scheduled to go into effect for beef, lamb, pork, peanuts, and fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables on Sept. 30. The Department of Agriculture is gathering public comment on the rule, which twice has been postponed by Congress since it was passed in 2002.

Looks like I need to call my congressman. I'm also looking into more options for buying food locally and growing our own food (beyond the tomatoes we grow every year). I love reading about others who do this; there were some good posts related to this topic at the new Homesteading Carnival.

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Janet said...

I love to get my food locally too. Local farmers sell their chickens to you, plus beef farmers let you buy half a cow. REAL food.