Sunday, July 1, 2007

Celebrate Your Independence

This morning we attended the annual "God and Country" service at church. Our pastor included George Washington's inaugural prayer, which got me thinking about our first president, and our founding fathers in general.

What would they have said if they could have looked 200-some years into the future to see that the bulk of American citizens look to the government to not only educate their children, but to provide before- and after-school care, free breakfasts and lunches, and even free preschool beginning at age 3? How would they react upon learning that many Americans believe it is up to government schools and other agencies to raise their children during most of their waking hours?

Somehow I don't think they'd be very happy. But I like to believe they'd look at homeschoolers and think, "I'll bet those are MY descendants."

"Interwoven is the love of liberty with every ligament of the heart."
George Washington


Dana said...

I've frequently wondered that myself. But sometimes when I'm reading through letters and speeches, I think they did see it. Jefferson predicted the judiciary would be a cause of great difficulty. Most said the republic would last as long as the virtue of the people did.

Roy and Lori said...

Have a great holiday!!

Amy Grant said...

So true... unfortunately, so true.

The integrity of the American people is diminishing. I pray for restoration.

Great post!