Monday, July 30, 2007

Homeschooling as a Discipline Tool

Dd16 and I had our hair cut today, she with one stylist and me with the other.

We'd hardly sat down when dd's stylist asks the inevitable question about whether dd is excited about starting school again. In the process of answering, dd mentions that she's homeschooled.

By now my stylist is talking to me, but I can hear dd fielding questions about whether homeschooling prepares you enough, blablabla, and I hear dd responding that her older siblings were homeschooled all the way through and are doing well, one just graduated from college magna cum laude, etc.

Right then the gal cutting my hair goes, "Yeah, when my kid gives me trouble about going to school, I just threaten to quit my job so I can homeschool him, and he shuts right up!"

I'm guessing her son lives in fear of that possibility. ;)

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Eleanor Deakin said...

Ha! The message around here is, if you don't want to be responsible for yourself, you can go do as your told at school all day. ;)