Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hot Flashes AND Flashbacks?

Took a day trip several hours north yesterday to see dd23's new apartment. She was just going up there to sign the lease, so I came along and kept her company. Her actual move is this weekend.

While I was in her new apartment, my menopausal sentimentality hit a new low. She'd left the lease on the kitchen counter, and when I saw her signature, I flashed back to when she first learned to write in cursive. I used A Reason For Writing to teach my older three children how to print and write, and I can still recall how happy dd was whenever she got a border sheet to write on. She never wrote any more words than she had to, but she loved coloring in the border decorations, and adding a few of her own to personalize her work.

Like I said, this sentimental thing is getting out of control......but we homeschool moms sure enjoy our memories :)


Janet said...

I'm going to be a puddle of mush when my kids move out. I'll be tying apron strings to them in the middle of the night.....:-)

sarah said...

Truly, I'm flattered that you would even consider my scribbled name something that resembles cursive :)

Barbara Frank said...

Janet, I don't blame you for feeling that way. It was not easy!

Sarah, I said your signature made me feel sentimental....I didn't say it was very legible :)