Saturday, May 26, 2007

Maybe Grandma Was Right

We call it "pop" here in the Midwest; others call it soda. But researchers at a British university are calling it a possible cause of cell damage resulting in diseases like Parkinson's.

That's right, a new study suggests that excessive consumption of some soft drinks may cause parts of our DNA to be switched off. The blame is being placed specifically on a preservative used in many soft drinks.

I don't know if it's true or not, and we probably won't know for a long time because it takes so long to verify these types of studies. But when I was a child, pop was a treat, not a daily drink. My grandma used to split one can between my three sisters and me because she didn't want us to have too much. She didn't think it was good for us. Maybe we need to go back to thinking that way.


sarah said...

How is it that you all call it pop, but I only ever say soda? Hm. This only goes to show that coffee is the essential beverage (aka life source), not soda.

Janet said...

DEFINITELY! We have pop in our house once a week too. And then the kids have to share, so they really only get half a can. What cruelty!:-)