Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Another Homeschooled Bee Winner!

Caitlin Snaring, a 14-year-old homeschooler from Washington state, has won the 2007 National Geographic Bee with a perfect score.

Caitlin is only the second girl to win the National Geographic Bee since its inception nearly 20 years ago (she was the only girl among ten finalists this year). Her prize is a $25,000 college scholarship. Caitlin's interests include studying and replicating Greek and Minoan pottery and playing the piano. Congratulations, Caitlin!

An interesting side note: In this news story about Caitlin, Yahoo News neglected to mention that Caitlin is homeschooled. Maybe they just figured it was implied, considering how many homeschoolers are winning bees these days. ;)


Janet said...

Hooray for our homeschooling winners! My kids won a writing contest, I was SO excited!

Jane said...

When I heard this reported on the ABC radio news this morning I was waiting for them to say that she was homeschooled and they never said it. Guess you're right. It's just not news anymore!

Barbara Frank said...

Janet, congratulations on your kids winning the contest!

Jane, I never did read that she was homeschooled on any of the other reports about the Bee, just in that one report I linked to in the post.

FatcatPaulanne said...

Way to go Caitlyn!

Sherry said...

Your comment that maybe the homeschooling was understood is funny, but I guess I'm too suspicious. I have to wonder if "they" can't take the implied criticism of the public school system.

Barbara Frank said...

FatcatPaulanne, thanks for stopping by!

You know, Sherry, I wondered that myself but then thought I was being too cynical. But if you're thinking it, too, maybe we're on to something.