Monday, May 28, 2007

Burning Books

The owner of a bookstore in Kansas City (Missouri) is burning books in protest of his fellow Americans' increasing lack of interest in reading. Apparently he thinned out his collection and found that he could not even give the books away, so he's now using them to make a point.

A co-owner of the bookstore lamented, "There are segments of this city where you go to an estate sale and find five TVs and three books."

They need to meet some homeschooling families. At our house, you'll find two TV's and hundreds of books....which makes us an average homeschooling family, I'll bet.

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Jane said...

One of the reasons that our neighbors think that we're weird is that no one in our family has his or her own TV. We have one in the family room and a teeny black and white that we bought at an estate sale for $2 that dh watches sporting events on when he's in the garage working.

When I was a real estate agent I was always astounded by the lack of books in most houses.