Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Clothes Made for People with Down Syndrome

Sherry Roberson is developing a line of clothes for people with Down syndrome. She has started a blog where she has a list of questions for parents or caregivers of people with Ds, having to do with finding clothes for them.

If you're not close to someone with Ds, you may not know that they often have short arms and legs but are rather wide in the middle. Our dsds14* was built that way for a time in his prepubescent years. When he wore swim trunks, he kind of looked like Danny DeVito. These days he has shot up in height (5" in one year!), but he still has low muscle tone in his belly and has to wear husky-size pants. They are not always easy to find.

He has wanted a suit for some time; recently, we were fortunate enough to find one for him to wear to my parents' 50th wedding anniversary celebration. We bought the suit as separates in JCPenney's boys' department; the jacket is size 20, and the pants size 18 Husky. We had to go to two different Penneys' stores but it was worth it. He danced up a storm at the party and looked very handsome!

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