Sunday, May 20, 2007

Finding the Used Book You Need

A reader emailed me with a question, and the answer might be something you want to know, too, so I'm posting it here for those who might find it helpful.

Q.: I have a question...Do you know of any good websites or places to buy used or new homeschool books. I'm looking for some 1st grade and 3rd grade books. I have gone and searched on-line. I found some sites but found nothing on them and ebay has a new rule to not sell teachers books on their sites anymore. I think that's why I have not found much of anything anymore.

A. I heard about those eBay rules. There are sites that will let you buy and sell whatever you want homeschool-wise. Have you tried: (see swap boards on right) (must be a member to buy)

Have you looked into used curriculum sales in your area? There are lots of them this time of year. You could also post a "books wanted" request on a homeschool e-loop. There are several of them you can join at (use homeschool as a search term).


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These are terrific resources. Thanks Barbara.