Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Try Doing This Alone

We homeschooling moms are busy people. We're reading, teaching and playing with our kids in addition to doing our jobs around the house: cooking, cleaning, purchasing/making the items our family members need, consoling, counseling,.....I'm getting tired just thinking of all the things we do in a day.

But there's something harder than being a homeschooling mom, and that's being a single homeschooling mom. Imagine adding to your life the burden of being the sole breadwinner. Imagine no other adult to talk to in your household. Imagine the loneliness of being without your husband.

If you know a single mom, you might wonder what you can do for her to help her with the challenging task of doing all this alone. Blogger MaggieRaye has just the thing for you: this fantastic post (written by her friend Lizzie) that suggests dozens of ways you can help a single mom....right now.

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