Thursday, March 22, 2007

The End of the Maytag Saga

You'll be relieved to know that our Maytag saga is over, lol. As I predicted last time, that repairman never did get back to me. But, early the morning after that third canceled repair appointment, our parts (turned out to be the entire inside door panel) arrived via FedEx.

So I called the repair place, only to be told that I'd have to call Maytag. Even after I told the repair place that we'd had three cancelled appointments because of the missing parts, they blew me off. So I called Maytag, and got a message saying, "We can't help you just now. Call back another time." Geez.

That was two weeks ago. I ended up calling back a few days later, insisting on the first appointment they had available (which was today), and lo and behold, the guy showed up, and he fixed the dang thing. We no longer have to worry about the dishwasher imploding. That's nice to know. Just the same, I won't be buying another Maytag dishwasher. After six weeks of goofing around with this, I've had it with them.

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