Monday, March 26, 2007

Know Thy College

Homeschooled teens are not only being admitted to colleges and universities in record numbers, but in many cases they are being wooed by them. This can be very flattering to the parent who has worked hard to teach a child. But beware, homeschooling parent, not all colleges are worthy of your child.

Columnist Walter E. Williams recently mentioned something all homeschooling parents need to know:

"For decades, college administrators and professors have sanctioned or participated in an attack on traditional American values. They've denied campus access to military recruiters, promoted socialism and attacked capitalism, and instituted race and sex quotas in admissions and in the awarding of scholarships. They've used their positions of trust to indoctrinate students with anti-Americanism. Despite this attack, taxpayers and private donors have been extremely generous, pouring billions upon billions of dollars into institutions that often hold a generalized contempt for their values."

Dr. Williams has written about this many times before; in this particular column, he is warning donors, not parents. But it cannot be said enough: do not send your homeschooled child to college until you know the values promoted by the specific college or university that your child has chosen (or that has chosen your child). Do you really want the child you've worked so hard to raise and teach to risk brainwashing by people with values in direct opposition to your own?

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