Friday, March 23, 2007

Offenses and Rationalizations

Parents who push their kids to go to college need to be aware of the social atmosphere that awaits the children they've worked so hard to raise. Consider Harvard University, where the "revolutionary" idea of promoting celibacy has taken an awful lot of criticism. Founded by two seniors, True Love Revolution has created all sorts of controversy on campus, partly because of its existence, and partly because of its "revolutionary" actions, such as sending all the freshmen on campus a valentine last month that said "Why wait? Because you're worth it."

Hard to find that offensive, but some did, including one freshman who complained that the group's members "perpetuate an age-old values system in which the worth of a young woman is measured by her virginity.” More from this article:

"She also argued that “the very name TLR essentially invalidates the relationships of sexually-active, nonmarried couples, as if to suggest that abstinence is the only way to find true love.”

The last thing we would want to do is offend sexually active, nonmarried couples!

And as long as we're trying not to offend people, let's not offend actor Mark Wahlberg by suggesting that there's anything wrong with his claiming to be a devout Catholic while not marrying the mother of his two children. His justification?

“Divorce is a bigger mistake than living with two children, not being married,” Mark justified. “My parents are divorced, her parents are divorced, so we want to succeed.”

Once people start making their own rules instead of following God's, they can justify pretty much anything, at least to themselves.

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