Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"Special" Soap

I know I'm probably wandering into curmudgeon territory with this post, but I'll take that risk. I was flipping through some coupon supplements today when I learned that there is actually such a thing as special hand soap for children, complete with a blinking lighted timer shaped like a hippo's head on the top, so that children learn to wash their hands until the timer stops blinking (about 20 seconds).

This must be a pretty new product, because I searched for a picture of it online (I'm embarrassed to admit I don't know how to scan the picture in the coupon flyer to post here), but I only found this one, which does not have the blinking hippo head.

Why should children have special "just-for-kids" foaming soap dispensers? All four of my kids learned to wash their hands with a bar of soap. If they didn't wash long enough, I sent them back to do the job again. Yes, they pulled all the tricks I pulled when I was a kid: using water only, or getting the towel damp so it would seem like they had washed their hands....you know the drill. Eventually, though, they learned to wash their hands in the proper way and at the proper time.

As if we weren't already overwhelmed with choices in today's stores, we now have many other products designed just for kids. Special toothpaste, special bandages, special yogurt, special frozen dinners.....the list goes on. Maybe this explains why so many young people grow up spoiled these days.....they've become accustomed to "special" everything.

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Heather said...

I understand what you're saying - and 90% of that stuff doesn't come into our home -- however - - I must say, I like having special just for me things (I LOVE bath stuff - bubble bars and bath bombs, handmade soaps that smell divine..) so I do indulge my kids once in a while with special just for them things.

Still though, they know these things are treats - when we have extra money and we don't NEED these things that they're just fun to have.

And we totally love that Agent Blue Listerine mouthwash - for little kids it works great to help them see where they've missed while brushing..