Monday, April 16, 2007

Vocation Vacations: A Great High School Graduation Gift

According to this article, recent college graduates are taking "vocation vacations" in order to try out a career to see if they like it. In a vocation vacation, a person pays to have a one- or two-day hands-on experience working in an area they've always dreamed about. Believe it or not, people can pay money to try out being anything from an Alpaca farmer to a Yoga Studio Owner .

Although the prices are a bit steep (approximate range $349-$1499 not including hotel and airfare), this sounds like a great way for a young person to experience a career before committing to it. So my question is this: why are these recommended for recent college grads?

Shouldn't this be something you try before shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for a college degree? Sounds like a good idea for a recent high school graduate; for a college graduate, it could be too late.

(And if anyone wants to spend a "vocation vacation" trying on the career of homeschool mom/homeschool publisher with me as their mentor, they can send me $1499 via PayPal and I'll be glad to help them out!)

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