Monday, April 9, 2007

Post-Easter Post

I hope you had a wonderful Easter. Dd21 was home for the weekend, his last weekend home before graduating from college next month and moving out of state. He'll be back here in June for his wedding.

At each of our church services yesterday morning, one of the three young men from our congregation who are headed into the ministry helped serve by bringing in the crucifer, reading the Epistle and the Gospel, and assisting with communion. Our son did those things at the late service. It was kind of bittersweet seeing him up there. We're proud of him, but it's hard to think that this is the last time we'll see him serving in our church.

Had family over for Easter dinner yesterday, but several were missing, including dd23, so it was a quiet gathering. Then today I drove dd21 back to college in Wisconsin (another last time....last time taking him back to college. Geez, I'm getting sentimental...I'll blame it, like many things these days, on menopause, lol.)

What a beautiful trip back, though! South central Wisconsin is rural and hilly. I also liked having two hours alone in the car. We homeschooling moms cherish our alone time!

As soon as I got back to Illinois, it was all traffic and bleak surroundings. Sigh. Still waiting on God to get us out of here. Guess the timing isn't right yet.

One last weekend newspaper covered a major event here in town: an Easter egg hunt for pets! Good grief. That made me think of something Mary Pride wrote probably twenty years ago.....that people were starting to treat their children like pets and their pets like children. She sure got that prediction right.

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sarah said...

Being the trendsetter that I am, I took my plants on an Easter egg hunt. It was cute. Aloe Vera found more eggs than Jade, but neither of them found as many as Sunflower!

Seriously though, the way some people's children act... well... I'd prefer the pets too ;)