Sunday, April 1, 2007

Guess I Need New Glasses

Dd15 is very excited because she may get her braces off this week. Today, while discussing the possibility, she told me (for the umpteenth time) how much she dislikes how she looks with braces.

Ever the supportive mom, I tried to tell her that they're not that noticeable, pointing out that in a photo we took of all four kids this past Christmas (now wallpaper on the computer), you couldn't even see her braces, despite the fact that she was smiling broadly.

"Mom," she said, "That's because I Photo-shopped them out!"


sarah said...

Seriously, the girl is just smart.

Henry Cate said...

That is funny.

Several years back I went to a family reunion. This was a big family reunion with third and forth cousins. We took several pictures. Because it was family taking the pictures, we couldn't have everyone in the picture at the same time. No problem, my wife merged two pictures together and we had a picture of everyone!