Saturday, April 28, 2007

My Lips are Sealed

I try to shop during school hours, because it minimizes the chance that I'll have to deal with screaming children and their screaming mothers. But as many as there are of both these days, it's impossible to avoid all of them.

Sometimes, when I can't get through the store aisle because of a child having a tantrum on the floor while his mom ignores him, it's tempting to offer her a bit of advice. These days, however, a well-meaning, experienced mom is taking a chance if she does so.

Case in point: a few towns south of here, a middle-aged couple apparently offered a parenting tip to a couple with three children (one of whom inspired the parenting tip), and here's how the younger couple responded:

According to police and a store security videotape, Chairez and Salinas lashed out, punching and kicking the other couple and leaving blood on the jewelry counter.

The wife was thrown to the floor and dragged by her hair. The husband was knocked to the ground by Chairez and then kicked repeatedly by Salinas. He suffered broken fingers, four broken ribs and a damaged spleen.

I notice there's a mention of a possible racial slur made at some point during the confrontation. That was not in the edition of the paper I received this morning, and it's not my point here anyway. My point is, the next time I see a child climbing up grocery shelves, pitching a fit on the floor or kicking my cart, I will continue on, swallowing the words I want to say, because I want neither broken bones nor my blood found on the jewelry counter.


Rona's Home Page said...

What tips could you share for improving writing skills?
Have you heard of copywork? I'm not clear about the process.

Janet said... Someone BEAT SOMEONE ELSE UP for saying something? I think I might just sew my lips together....:-) Sometimes kids' behaviour in stores astonishes me. A few weeks ago I witnessed a mother shopping with her two girls. The girls were spraying EVERY perfume in the store around, and on purses and everything. The mom just watched and said nothing. The kids were wild, and everyone was giving them dirty looks. Um, hellooo? Who is supposed to be telling those girls NOT to do that? THE MOM! ARG! Sorry, slight rant.

Barbara Frank said...

Rona, I'll have to email you about that.

Janet, I understand your frustration. Happens all the time. I think a lot of these parents are afraid of their kids. They certainly don't seem willing to take on the role of parent, do they?