Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Where Do You Buy Your Books?

So the proof copy of my new book arrived here yesterday, and it was wonderful to see it in print (part of it has been an eBook up until now). There are still a few little things to be worked out, but all in all I'm pretty happy with it.

This book will be available through Amazon. We used to sell Life Prep through Amazon, but they kept cutting the price so low that it was hurting our catalog customers, which is not something we want to do. So we pulled it from Amazon a while back. This time we will set it up so we have more control over the price.

I'm wondering, when given a choice, do most homeschoolers buy books from Amazon or from homeschool catalogs like Rainbow Resource, Book Peddler or CBD? What do you do?


Lisa @Me and My House said...

Hi Barb,

CBD, and direct from publisher are where I buy most (and I do buy a TON of books.) I also buy some from Amazon. And some from other Christian book sites.

Blessings with your new book.

Lisa @ Me and My House

JeninIL said...

Hi Barbara,

I do order from Rainbow Resources twice a year. I order from CBD once or twice a year. And we order from Amazon three or four times a year. Does that help?? (Ha,ha)

Jen in IL

Barbara Frank said...

Thanks, Lisa and Jen, for your input. Yes, it does help :)

Jodi said...

I also buy a lot of books. I really like our local library used book sale. I purchase from CBD once or twice a year. I try to purchase from other Christian catalogs such as Greenleaf Press, Beautiful Feet Books, Timberdoodle, Library & Educational Services, Tapestry of Grace and, when I can't find it elsewhere, amazon. It would be great to have a Christian amazon.

Barbara Frank said...

Jodi, I also try to buy from the smaller places first...need to keep them in business. We have moved to a rural area, and while I love it here, I sure do miss the great library used book sales we had back in the Chicago suburbs. There were often two or three good ones near me over one weekend!