Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Chicken States Her Case

My husband took this shot on New Year's Eve when we brought our visiting son and daughter-in-law over to the state park down the road from our house. The red building in the foreground is an ice-fishing shack. (If you've seen "Grumpy Old Men," you know what it looks like inside.)

So, yes, we were standing on ice, a short distance from the shore, and if you look way out past the red ice-fishing shack, on its right, you will see many more shacks farther out into the bay. (Note the snowmobile tracks heading out there.)

Being a monumental chicken, this was as far out into the bay as I was willing to walk. Dh wanted to walk out past the red shack but I convinced him not to. In defense of my fearfulness, I'd like to point out that the area of trees to the left of the ice shack is an island, and here is what that island (foreground) looked like the last time I saw it, back in October:
I absolutely love it up here, but even if I spend the rest of my life living here, no one is ever going to get me way out there on the ice. The question is, how do I keep dh from trying it? You know how men are.....sigh.


susan said...

I can understand your apprehension, Barbara. There's always some one who went too early or too far and falls in every year, isn't there? It's a long way from shore to shore.
But it is SO pretty there.

Barbara Frank said...

Thanks for stopping by, Susan. It IS a nice change from the Chicago suburbs :)