Saturday, November 3, 2007

Parental Pressure Can Mean Failure

Betsy Hart makes a great point about not pushing kids and letting them just be who they are without pressure. Her kids are in school, but I think this also applies to homeschooled kids. In fact, raising "perfect" homeschooled kids is a very real pressure now that the word is getting out about how well most homeschooled kids are doing not just scholastically but in other activities as well.

Whether or not parents homeschool their children, they fail them when they fail to keep an eye on the big picture. As Ms. Hart puts it,

When it comes to my children, my ultimate goal for them is heaven, not Harvard. If they go to the latter on their way to heaven, that's great. But if I reverse that equation, I've failed them.


Janet said...

Love that. Heaven, not Harvard. I'm gonna use that one.

Susan said...

The more I've seen among friends and family's college decisions, sending kids to Harvard (and other such schools) is almost like putting a barricade on their path to heaven. If my kid got a full-ride scholarship to an Ivy League school, I would put on oodles of pressure for him/her to "just say no"!

Sherry said...

Great reminder about what's really important.