Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's True: Time Flies

I don't know where this week has gone. It seems like since we moved, time sped up on us. Each day just flies by. I think it's because there's so much to do:
We homeschool five days a week.
I work every afternoon. Right now I'm working steadily on the print edition of The Imperfect Homeschooler's Guide to Homeschooling; it's twice the size of the eBook, so it's taking a while.
We're working to combine the contents of two storage units into one. (ugh!)
And people around here still need to eat and have clean clothes on a regular basis.
This week I even forgot to check out the Carnival of Homeschooling until just now--well worth the time, btw.
We're also trying to make time to relax a bit in the evenings. Lately dh, dd16 and I have been enjoying Nero Wolfe DVDs. Since we only get one channel on the tv, we're watching more DVDs than ever.


Janet said...

You are not kidding. The time is just FLYING past!

sarah said...

At least you have been spending your time in a productive manner, unlike everyone else in this state (who is currently either hunting or shopping, depending on their gender). The end.