Friday, October 19, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Cheryl tagged me, so now you must suffer through "Seven True Things About Me":

1) I've been to a speech by my favorite president (Ronald Reagan) and a concert by my all-time favorite band ("Chicago"). Dh and I could have gone to one of Elvis' last concerts in 1977 but we were poor college students and couldn't afford the $12 tickets.

2) After living in Illinois my entire life, I just moved to Wisconsin; however, I will never be a Cheesehead.

3) My hubby and I have worked at home full-time for the past 12 years; yes, we are still married ;)

4) I'm a homeschool publisher with two new books nearing completion, God willing!

5) In Bible study a few years back, we were asked to share our LCMS (Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod) heritage. Here's mine: my family joined the local LCMS church because it had pews while the ELCA church had folding chairs, and my mother preferred pews...I am not making this up! :0

6) My little sis has been a Los Angeles radio personality for the past 20 years.

7) I have not flown in an airplane since I was six and my dad took me for a ride in his private plane out over Lake Michigan. I said I'd never fly again; forty-plus years later, I've stuck with my pledge (and I'm praying none of my kids ever wants to get married in Hawaii!)

Now I have to tag seven people....let's see, how about Rona, Janet, Beckie, BarbaraLee, Gena, Julie and Theresa.


sarah said...

Well Mom, the good news is we've decided against Hawaii for the wedding. But the "bad" news is, we've narrowed it down to either Stockholm or Reykjavik. I know you wouldn't miss it for the world though!

Janet said...

I will do my best to remember to do this....after this crazy weekend! AAHHHH! Somebody stop the weddings!!!!!

Beckaboo said...

I can't wait to read your books!! That's so exciting!!
Funny about your mom's choice of churches. :o) Gotta' love those pews. Wait... My church has folding chairs. Uh, oh!! *wink*
WAY TO GO, sticking to your flying plan. I don't love flying, but have had to do it on a few (very few) occasions.
I did the tag on my blog. It was fun! Thanks for tagging me.
Now I am off to tag others.
Blessings, Beckie :o)

(I love your photo of Wisconsin. I guess it IS beautiful up north. Huh? Being from Minnesota, and still here, I guess I have lost some of my appreciation for the beauty. Especially with winter right around the corner.)

Barbara Frank said...

Sarah, very funny.....

Janet, no rush, I know you've been really busy!

Beckie, I spent my life in the crowded, boring suburbs, so I guess I'm new enough to this area to appreciate it. Maybe you should hang out in suburban Chicago for a while and you'll see Minnesota in a different light :)