Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tonight's Assignment

Tonight dd17 attended a charity art auction in Green Bay as part of an assignment from one of her teachers. She's taking two classes at the local technical college (Wisconsin's version of community college) this semester, in addition to her studies at home during this, her last year of homeschooling.

One of our older kids also attended community college while homeschooling for high school. This is a great way for young people to try college and see if it's what they want before committing to attending a college or university after high school.

I think it's good for the kids to take these classes, not only because of what they can learn about the subject of the class, but because they get to try out the classroom. Of course, there's a lot more freedom than there would be at a public school, so it's a good fit for kids who've never been to school.

A prime advantage, of course, is that they earn both high school and college credit for the courses they take. It really makes a nice transition between high school and college, i.e. between doing things because your mom says so and doing it because the teacher assigned it. Kind of a nice breather for Mom, too :)


BarbaraLee said...

DD2 wants to do that also. She has to wait until she is 16, she is only 14. It won't be long.
She wants to attend public school. She doesn't throw a fit or anything. I guess I am more afraid she would like it. I would only do it as an experiment. Whether she would like it or not I wouldn't let her attend anyhow. I know better. She can wait for voc tech.

Barbara Frank said...

Barbaralee, tell your dd that mine is really enjoying her classes and the people that she meets. Also, many homeschooled kids try school for a few weeks and decide they prefer the freedom of homeschooling.