Saturday, September 27, 2008

Homeschoolers = Green?

Susan notes that her homeschooling lifestyle is just naturally green (i.e. environmentally beneficial). I think she's right. I think ours is green, too. We don't use individually packaged anything either. We don't need to, because, like Susan's family, we eat using plates and silverware at home.

What do you think? Is your homeschooling lifestyle green, too?


Anonymous said...

I definitely agree! We conserve partly because we don't have two incomes and partly because we are home so much more we see how much waste can add up.

Janet said...

Hmmm...for the most part it is. We're not overly tree huggerish, but we do our part. We recycle and drive LOTS of people in our van. ;-) Plus, we always buy the HUGE packages of things, so I guess there's less packaging involved. I don't think it's an environmental choice on our part, though, it's mostly 'cause we're cheap. ;-)

Tiany said...

Not "Green" enough, this is certainly something our family can work on! Thanks for the gentle nudge :-)

Barbara Frank said...

Pam, I really think being home makes the difference.

Janet, we're cheap too...I think being cheap automatically makes you green, because there's so much waste in the world!

Tiany, you're welcome :)