Thursday, May 15, 2008

Two Wonderful Homeschooling Magazines

There is a lovely little homeschooling magazine in Australia called Otherways. How do I know this? (Considering that I live in the U.S.?) Because they just sent me a complimentary copy so that I could see how they used my article "Homeschooling a Child with Special Needs," which is excerpted from my new book.

I am thrilled to have my work in this publication. It actually reminds me a little of Growing Without Schooling, one of the first homeschooling magazines in the U.S. Last year, when we moved and were forced to whittle down 20 years' worth of belongings, I sold my beloved collection of GWS to a homeschooling mom who snapped them up as soon as I posted them online. I hope she's enjoying them as much as I did. They're a gold mine.

Fortunately, some GWS back issues have been posted online. I go there when I miss my old issues too much :(

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