Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The World is Their Potty, Apparently

This new trend in childrearing is all over the Internet today. I'm sorry, but if I come into the ladies' room and find you holding your baby over the sink so she can pee into it, I am not only going to look at you funny, but I'll probably say something to you, too, because my kids need to wash their hands in that sink.

As for teaching baby boys to pee on trees in the backyard, good luck breaking them of that habit when they're older!

(Funniest line in this article: "She says finding a supportive daycare center is the biggest challenge for parents who choose not to use diapers." I'll bet they laugh her right out of the room, lol.)


Janet said...

Peeing in the sink? Are you serious? Ewwww.....that's gross. And SO not sanitary!

Crimson Wife said...

This is one of the dumber fads among "Attachment Parenting" enthusiasts. Breastfeeding on demand, toddler-lead weaning, babywearing, fine. Co-sleeping, slow or no vax, no circ, cloth diapering, if it floats your boat. But "elimination communication"? No thanks!