Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Quick Trip

Dd23 and I spent yesterday traveling to and from Door County, WI on a lovely road trip that included such essentials as McDonald's iced coffee, ice cream and fudge. Not bad considering we were only gone for 15 hours! Dd is looking to move up north (we thought we'd move up there before her but it's not working out that way), and I came along to help her look.

We talked most of the way there and back; how nice it is once our kids grow up and become our close friends!

I took some photos on the shores of Lake Michigan; however, I haven't learned how to download them from our new camera yet. Hopefully I'll be posting them soon.


sarah said...

Thanks for coming with, I had fun too!

Barbara Frank said...

Sarah, not only did we have fun, but we know every ladies' room from here to the peninsula ;)