Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Homeschool Class Rings

Brumbemom asked me a question last week. Like me, she has a senior homeschooler this year, and they’re wondering about class rings.

My older kids were not into “school” things like that; my eldest didn’t even want a graduation party. As for dd17, she seems more interested in my high school ring (she’s into anything “vintage,” i.e. 1970s!) than one of her own.

But there are places where you can go to get your teen a homeschool class ring, including Josten’s. If your teen would rather design his or her own ring, this looks like a good place.

For more information on this topic, here’s an article you might find helpful.


JJ Ross said...

I gave my always-unschooled firstborn my own high school class ring, the year she started dual enrollment at the community college (which would have been about her "junior" year and the time most kids get their class rings in high school) --

I didn't want her to feel "less" in any way on the college campus, and also it meant so much more that I offered it as a symbol of the timeless value our family places on real education for its own sake (as opposed to school spirit, peer belonging or how much money you can make with some diploma.)

She's worn it every day for the years since then and it's given us both SO much more pleasure than it could in my dresser drawer.. :)

Barbara Frank said...

What a wonderful idea, JJ! I think that's the best use of a class ring I've ever heard of!