Thursday, March 27, 2008

What the World Needs Now.....Some Good News

Henry Cate of Why Homeschool has declared today to be Good News Thursday. Here's what he's asking bloggers to do today:

Much of the news today is depressing. Newspaper headlines tell us about awful things happening in our neighborhood, at the national level, and around the world.

I want to try something different. I invite you to join with me in focusing on good news. This can be as local as your baby taking his first step or you saw the first flower of spring. It could as earth shattering as someone has solved world hunger or there is a break through in a Grand Unification Theory. It could be some new insight you had about a topic you are studying, or life.

If you are interested, you can add your post via Mr. Linky.

Even if you don't have a post to share, head on over to Henry's and read some uplifting posts so you can have a Good News Thursday.

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