Wednesday, March 12, 2008

For Lutheran Homeschoolers

We've been homeschoolers for many years, but we've been Missouri Synod Lutherans even longer.

Back when I began homeschooling my kids, I looked for a Lutheran Bible curriculum, but was disappointed to find that while the LCMS' Concordia Publishing House did have a Bible curriculum, it was intended only for Lutheran schools, and so I was unable to purchase individual copies to use with my children.

But times change, and I recently learned that CPH is now reaching out to homeschoolers. My son, who works for CPH, sent me a link to Lutheran homeschooling resources at CPH. The materials aren't just for Lutherans, though.....many Christian homeschoolers would like what CPH offers.


Janet said...

Hmmm....another one to check out.....

Kari said...

I've been collecting the People's Bible series slowly but surely for the last few years. I'm glad they're promoting it as a home school resource too.

I was sitting in church right before I took my kids out of LES and had this sudden fear run through me..."What am I going to use to teach them this? I can't screw this up... "

God comforted me through the words of a wise friend. "He won't let you screw this up, you'll find something" she said.

Thanks for the link!

Joanne said...

Thank you so much for passing along the link to homeschool resources for Lutheran homeschoolers! When we first started homeschooling, I was dismayed to find there were no resources in our church to help us, in fact we were the only family homeschooling there and there didn't seem to be much support for it. (there is now one more family - whoo hoo! :-) )

Barbara Frank said...

Janet, hope you like them!

Kari, I don't know about that series. I'll have to look it up as I'm curious.

Joanne, you're welcome. I know how you felt. We were the only homeschoolers in our church for the 15 years we went there, except for a few years when Indiana Jane (see my blogroll) and her family went there. Glad you have another homeschooling family at your church now.