Monday, February 25, 2008

The View When We Do School

We "do school" in the dining room, and this is our view from the table. On the left is a clock my husband made recently. (The bridge in the background of the clock face is the one here in town.) On the right is a frame he made, and it holds a glass mosaic made by dd24. They are planning to sell both his clocks and their framed mosaics this summer (we live in a tourist area called Door County).

In the middle is our sign of spring: the first of the five pots of bulbs I planted last fall. I love to force bulbs. You just plant a few pots of them in the fall, keep them some place dark and very cold over the winter (we used the garage cupboards), water them once a week or so, and come early spring, you have flowers! This particular pot is full of daffodil bulbs. My favorites, however, are hyacinths. They smell heavenly!

And in the background you see snow, lots of it. I love snow, but even I'm starting to tire of it. We've had a total of five feet of snow this winter thus far. Sigh.


Janet said...

I'm with you, sister! Bring on the sunshine! :-)

Your view is lovely, even with the snow....:-)

I love the mosaic thing. That is so pretty!

Melissa Markham said...

Five feet of snow? You lucky dog. We have had three inches this year! I am so snow deprived, it isn't funny! And it was the same last year! Boo hooo....

The clock and mosaic are lovely!