Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dreadful Homeschoolers?

There's nothing like digging into a juicy article promoting school choice. Apparently, even the socialist-leaning Swedes have begun allowing it. But it's not permitted here in the Land of the Free, except in some areas where your only "free" choice is from among the public schools in your district.

After the article, one of the commenters got my attention by asserting that "Half of homeschoolers are dreadful. That's a fact." Then he made some Lutheran references. This lifelong Lutheran found the urge to respond to him irresistible, lol.

Feel free to have at him. Many others already have.


BarbaraLee said...

Yes my children are so bad that I have people telling me how well behaved they are.
They don't have any manners what so ever that when they are w/a group of disorderly children they walk away.

Barbara Frank said...

I know what you mean....same thing with our kids when they were younger!