Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Used Homeschool Books blog

Just a reminder that I continue to post a book for sale each day at my other blog, Used Homeschool Books, as I go through the many boxes of books that moved here with us and force myself to part with most of them (we've downsized).

If you especially like vintage textbooks, scroll through the posts...there are still a few left. (Books that have been sold have a notation in red at the end of the post, where the price had been.)

There are also some more recent books. Tomorrow's book is a pretty popular one, so don't miss that post! You can subscribe to the blog by email if you want to be among the first to see each book as it's posted. You can also look up books by topic using the labels on the right side of the blog.


Jena said...

I just put a link to your book site on my sidebar. Great idea and great resource. Thanks!

Barbara Frank said...

Thanks for the plug, Jena! :)