Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Disabled and Gifted

Since I have a teenage son with Down syndrome, I do know something about having a child with a disability, but I only really know about his specific issue. There are many other disabilities that I know little or nothing about.

One of those disabilities is autism. My cousin has a son who’s six weeks older than mine and he’s autistic. But I’ve only met him a few times because we live pretty far apart. I also have a homeschooling friend whose youngest son is autistic, but again, I’ve only seen him once or twice because we don’t live near them.

So I wouldn’t say I’m familiar with autism, but I have to admit that stories like this one fascinate me. To be able to recreate a scene with so much detail from memory is just completely amazing, and an incredible gift.


Amy said...


Janet said...

That is truly amazing. Can you imagine?

Melissa Markham said...

That is amazing. Autism, like Down's Syndrome, has a range of abilities. I have a nephew with Down's Syndrome and he is on the low functioning end.

I used to work with children with disabilities in an early intervention program. And it was an amazing thing to see how huge the range could be.