Friday, September 7, 2007

Please Join Me Next Week....

One of the most enjoyable homeschool workshops I’ve ever run was on the topic of “Blogging for Homeschool Moms.” I saw how much interest there is in this subject, because the workshop was SRO (Standing Room Only), and the attendees expressed a lot of enthusiasm about it.

I was happy to think that some of them would become regular bloggers in the homeschooling community. In the world of homeschooling, new voices are always welcome, because there are as many ways to homeschool as there are homeschoolers. You never know, a post about how or why your family homeschools might be the one that helps another parent decide to give homeschooling a try.

If you’re already blogging about your homeschooling life, I hope you’ve tried entering one of your posts into a homeschool carnival. I am amazed at the number of responses I get, both blog comments and emails, when my posts are mentioned in a carnival. It’s become obvious to me that many prospective and new homeschooling parents are using homeschool blog carnivals to get the information they need.

Next week you have an opportunity to participate in the best homeschooling carnival around, the one sponsored by the Cates of Why Homeschool. They originated this carnival, and they’re looking for more blogging participants. Why not give it a try? All you have to do is use a recent post from your blog that is related to homeschooling, or write a new one. Submit it by Monday Sept. 10th at 6 pm (Pacific Time). Your post will reach many people, and could make a difference to someone who really needs honest information about homeschooling.

I’ll be there, as I am most weeks. Won’t you join me?

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