Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Tax Dollars Hard at Work

Where I live now, corn fields morph into subdivisions very quickly. One large subdivision has gotten permission to have a charter school. I received a mailing about it. The new school will include:

"..five classroom buildings, an administrative building with specialty classrooms, and a Gathering Hall with a performance center, two cafes, four adult-learning classrooms, a learning resource center and more. Innovative techology (including wireless access, web-based reporting, and more) will be used.....(it) will offer School's Out--an after-school and summer fun program to enhance learning..."

It will also have a preschool serving 3- and 4-year-olds (full and half days).

Sounds to me like this is a set-up for Mom and Dad to park the kids at the school even after school is over (after school and summers) so they can chill with the other parents at the cafe while they check their email and take some fun adult classes, and all at taxpayer expense.

Nowhere in the mailing does it say what this will all cost, but I'm guessing yet another tax increase will solve that problem.

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